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At a time where K-Pop is gaining more and more attention in Europe, current trends will be highlighted by the so-loved Awards every year. On the basis of the number of votes and the winners in each category, the Awards will indicate which artists will have a real chance to find their way into the European market. Thus so-loved and K-Colors of Korea collect important information for K-Pop fans as well as their idols.

In 2014, the so-loved Awards will take place for the fifth time already. Since the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Awards gained a huge response from all over the world, voting will again be open for all fans from European countries. Votes coming from outside of Europe will not be counted in the final results.


This year the voting will be held in autumn. It will start on September 1 and end on September 15. As in the previous years, we will inform the winners (or their entertainment company) directly about the results during December.

Awards Party

On October 11, 2014, we will again hold an Awards Party. As in the previous years, we will not only reveal the winners of this year's voting, but we will also provide you with a number of activities for all K-Pop fans. More details about the party will be announced in our news section.