Total votes: 342,000

European votes: 156,000

In 2013 the So-Loved Awards again could count on the support of KOFICE. In addition to them, a number of European fan clubs and fan sites encouraged their members to participate in the voting. During the voting period, the So-Loved Awards website registered more than 986,000 page hits. In total more than 342,000 fans from all over the world, out of which 156,000 were European fans, voted for their favorite artists.
On November 30 the annual So-Loved Awards Party took place at the JamesJune in Berlin. As every year the winners of the awards were announced. A number of different activities were also offered to the fans and everyone had the chance to participate in raffles. The prizes were sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center, by the Korean Center for Tourism as well as by Neo Tokyo.


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