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The so-loved Awards were first held in 2010 with the intention to have an award for the German-speaking K-Pop community. In 2011, the idea was taken up again in cooperation with the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin. While keeping its original name, it would now also be promoted as the first "European K-Pop Awards". 2012 saw the continuation of the project, now with the support of KOFICE (Korean Organization for International Cultural Exchange). KOFICE sponsored the "so-loved Awards Party" which was held in the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin in December 2012 and celebrated the winners of that year's Awards.

The organizers of the European K-Pop Awards are online magazine K-Colors of Korea and K-Pop community so-loved.

The Idea

With the assistance of various partners in the Korean culture and pop culture industry, the results of the so-loved Awards will be forwarded to the winning artists and their entertainment companies. The statistics and results gained from the voting can be used by the entertainment companies to plan future activities in Europe.

The Procedure

Releases on the Korean market that are relevant to the Awards will be collected during the year. The fans will receive the opportunity to vote for their favorites on Facebook every 3 months and the results obtained there will be taken into consideration during the selection of nominees. In the end a jury will decide on the list of eligible nominees. The voting starts on November 1 every year and lasts for 2 weeks.

The Future

In spite the immense response to and spread of the so-loved Awards through social media and various news channels, the Awards are still in the midst of growing. It is our wish that all European K-pop fans will participate in future votes. This is why we are looking for partners and staff for the upcoming events. If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email to the following address: admins@so-loved.net

Guidelines for nominations

Those artists who are considered eligible are the ones who are or were active during the current year, meaning that they promoted at least one single in Korea (or Japan for the relevant category). The popularity of the nominees is taken into account, but in the end their musical performance will be decisive for a nomination. The final nominees will be chosen based on quality, not quantity. Thus it may happen that the jury's choice might not satisfy all the fans. However, the goal of the so-loved Awards is to provide the fans with as well-balanced and broad a spectrum as possible.

Guidelines for voting

Only votes from Europe will be taken into consideration. Votes from other countries will not be valid. Voting for each IP will only be allowed once.

Partners (excerpt)

Korean Cultural Center, KOFICE, KOME World, Germany in Korea (German embassy Seoul)
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Press (excerpt)

YNTV, Yonhap News, MBC News, KBS News